Synthetic Tradeable Concepts
An overview on some of the more fun/interesting tradable assets on the exchange.
Some of the unique contracts were bringing to UniDex with or without leverage are shown below. The list will be ever expanding but also should be noted that these are experimental however, live.
Fast Gas/ETH This pair can be used as a hedge against ETH efficiency. Imagine the current gwei paid by transactions is 200 for an average conformation time of 30 seconds. This would essentially be the value of that gwei required to get an conformation speed of 30 seconds aka next block.
A more deep dive will be explained here once we get more details but it can calculated by taking the standard deviation of daily returns on a 7 day estimate. This would be a similar volitilty contract like we see in with VIX in the stock market. Total Marketcap Tokens
These are designed to track the top 1-10 ( Large cap ), 11-25 ( Mid cap ), and 50-100 ( small cap ) tokens. Potential use cases would be longing in the expectation of an alt season or shorting for the reverse.
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