Social Trading
Using the Set Protocol similar to tokensets own dashboard


Social trading can be a useful feature for people on the exchange that are looking to learn what community valued traders are doing in the market. This uses the Set Protocol to create Tokensets to allow traders to share their ideas and essentially become a hedge fund.

Feature List

Similar to the the tokenset glossary, users will have an features available while having some additions of our own including.
  • Amount of Holders
  • Marketcap of the Set
  • Trading activity data plus notes
  • Related Fees such as buying, streaming, and performance fee.
  • Performance overtime
  • Explanation of the set and the goals behind the trader
  • Total max drawdown
  • Social links to the trader
  • Ability to see total downvotes and upvotes on a trader
  • Comment on activity using UNIDX
  • Rate trader using UNIDX
Last modified 1yr ago
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