Options Trading
Brief overview of options trading on UniDex
Options trading is a core trading style many traders religiously use to make their profits. We want to provide the best experience for these traders in the best form possible and it can be done using the opyn protocol to make these options. Here is a brief overview on the options trading experience, technical, and mechanics behind the options traded on UniDex currently ( opyn ).
  • Tokens supported Any ERC20 Token
  • Style of Options American and European
  • Pricing model orderbook based
  • Settlement Physical settlement
  • Collateral The strike asset
  • Audited Yes
  • Limit orders Yes
To quote the opyn docs found here " Options sellers create options by locking up collateral for some period of time and minting oTokens. Each oToken protects a unit of the specified underlying asset. The Options seller can sell these oTokens on an exchange to earn premiums. " We dont want to reinvent the wheel here so if you want to learn more about options and how they are traded through UniDex from a technical side. The Opyn documentation page gives a fantastic overview on how to manage and buy and sell options directly with the contract.
Future integrations
As an aggregator for derivatives, we want to offer whatever liquidity sources for a trader to capture the most profit. Alternatively, one could also view this as another way to trade on our favorite protocol with a much more powerful terminal. We plan to work with more option trading platforms like Hegic and Permia finance to deliver a fantastic options trading aggregator for UniDex traders. Stay tuned and watch for news updates on when our new UI for options trading goes live.
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