Lending and borrowing
overview on lending and borrowing


With borrowing and lending becoming a core mechanic in the DeFi ecosystem, UniDex wants to service and allow users to see their total debt and positions in the lending markets. Were using two services for users to manage their positions on AAVE and Compound. WIth about 2.5 Billion USD of liquidity, these markets should allow for flash loans and arbitrage opportunities. With these 2 markets youll be able to -
  • Borrow
  • Repay
  • Overview on all APY rates and Utilization rates
  • Stake your AAVE and or withdraw Comp rewards
  • View liquidation limit and ratio
  • General look on supply vs borrow balance
  • Smart wallet by MakerDAOs own DSProxy to avoid reinventing the wheel
  • Total Liquidity, borrows, flashloans, liquidations, and fundamental data on each pair.
If users want a feature request then please voice your opinion! Screenshots coming soon!
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