A curated list of verifiable data on-chain related to token burns and buyback information and token locks.

Token Locks (old):

Fee Wallets

There are multiple implementations of fee wallets that come from a variety of sources. These are unreliable ways to track volume because each one could receive a different fee, origin from the product the fee was taken from, and does not account for transactions that would not have a fee associated with it to remain competitive.
Ex: Some DEX could integrate our router contract for aggregation, however not include a fee associated with these transactions outside of their normal LP DEX fees. This makes sense to remain a competitive DEX however have more transactional volume and opportunities for other fee generating opportunities and name association in the future. This volume would not count for revenue but still does contribute to the overall volume.
Wallets that have transactions flowing through and fees being taken from are listed here for transparency to verify revenue generated through UniDex. This list will grow as more products are added in which it would make sense to add another wallet. However, fees are eventually consolidated into MasterFeeWallet and distributed from there.

Revenue Fee Wallets

  • MasterFeeWallet (multichain): 0x8c128f336b479b142429a5f351af225457a987fa
  • LeverageFeeCollectorFantom: 0x8e0dfafd247236b9025d3648f195386cad5b2da1
  • LeverageFeeCollectorBoba: 0x615B1fcf461249b12342726819CB6Da23413CB48

Weekly Burn Wallet: ( discontinued )


Initial Burn:


Marketing and Dev Team Wallet Adjustment Burn: