Token Information
Short information hub on the UNIDX token
There are multiple purposes to the UNIDX token but there are 2 main use cases. The first is as a governance tool where users can vote for changes and additions to the exchange using UNIDX tokens. The second use case would be for holders to generate a share of 50% of the fees UNIDX makes. There are other things such as tiered volume discount on swaps and such but also access to level 2 data we plan to provide. Token Contract (ETH) ERC-20 - 0x95b3497bBcCcc46a8F45F5Cf54b0878b39f8D96C Contract (Fantom) FRC-20 - 0x2130d2a1e51112d349ccf78d2a1ee65843ba36e0 Supply - 4,000,000 UNIDX Circulating Supply - ~3,950,000 UNIDX Distribution Pre-sale - 2.000.000 UNIDX UniSwap Liq - 833,333 UNIDX Team, Marketing & Dev Fund - 1,166,667 UNIDX
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