Bridge the UNIDX token between chains
Bridging is fairly simple and a few different projects can be used bridge from ETH -> FTM with more chains coming soon.
These solutions listed below are not operated or managed by UniDex, assume risk and take caution when bridging between chains and contact the respective communities to learn more.

Using Anyswap to bridge tokens

1 - Head over to using the link below. This will auto populate the input and output with UNIDX and the 2 chains we currently support.
2 - Enter an amount you want to bridge over in the deposit field on top.
Notice this example has the ERC-20 variant on top and the FRC-20 variant on the bottom. This means we're going to bridge our ETH UNIDX onto the Fantom chain and you can do the opposite by switching the fields. 3. Once ready you can hit CrossChain Deposit below and sign for the transaction. Once submitted the tokens should be bridged in about 10-30 minutes but in rare cases it may take up to an hour.

Using to bridge tokens

1 - Head over to by clicking here --> multichain <--
2. Once meet with the screen above you can input your desired amounts to bridge the tokens over.
note the "view limits" to find out more information on your bridge path. ETH -> Fantom has a 30 UNIDX minimum and requires about 3 confirmations. Fantom -> ETH however, has a 300 UNIDX minimum to bridge back requiring more tokens.
3 - Hit transfer and confirm the transaction and you should see your tokens on the Fantom network shortly.
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Using Anyswap to bridge tokens
Using to bridge tokens