Platform Overview

UniDex's trading engine

UniDex provides 3 distinct advantages over other individual platforms offering perpetuals in DeFi.
1. Using the main UI, leverage trades are aggregated and orders are executed against the best rate against multiple leverage protocols including perpetual protocol, GMX, Cap finance*, and UniDexs leverage platform.
2. Any trading pair is supportable on the platform. This means traders can have access to any market so long as they have access to the internet. Stocks, crypto, indices, and more all available to the user.
3. Shared liquidity is vital for multiple assets and structured product offerings. All assets trade against a single pool which allows for obscure or uncommonly traded pairs to offer deep liquidity, unlike existing leverage protocols which can struggle to fill an orderbook.

The UniDex advantage

You may be asking yourself how this stacks itself against the other players in the ecosystem. It's important to remind everyone that we all have a common goal of removing the need to trade on centralized exchanges, and different ideas will be tested. We are not promising a better system but we do hope that it is desirable to use compared to the ecosystem.
Here we will outline some common players which include some centralized exchanges to keep things diverse.
FTX ( Rugged )
Mango Markets
Cap Finance
Perpetual Protocol
No geolocation restrictions
Orderbook based
API for integrators
Wide range of trading pairs
Trader focused UI
Spot markets
TradeFi markets (stocks forex etc)
Deep liquidity
Here is a quick comparison between the top players in the ecosystem and how things stand next to each other.
Metrics are taken at current offerings and not "possible" offerings given we see that lots of platforms promise diverse listings but never make it a reality. We will do our best to update the checklist as promises are fulfilled ( remember we're all in this together ).