This page describes the general information you need to know in order to connect to our Limit order API.

Writing your integration

Integrating with UniDex is simple and requires minimal work. Don't be afraid to reach out to us in our social media channels such as discord or telegram if you need assistance. Our main endpoints return a transaction object that is ready to be submitted by any web3 wallet. These transactions place orders in the UniDex order book for a relayer network to fill.
Use the following endpoint for all your requests.
Below is an example of what a complete request looks like

Add support for your DEX / AMM

Are you a AMM or DEX looking for a more custom solution? Or maybe you're just looking to get added to our aggregation engine. Head over to and fill out this short 1 minute questionnaire and we'll be in touch shortly.

Common Parameters

All our endpoints receive chainId and account as parameters. chainId corresponds to the network you would like to interact with. account is the account which will ultimately be doing the interactions with the blockchain.

Supported Networks

  • Ethereum Mainnet: 1
  • Kovan Testnet: 42
  • Binance Smart Chain: 56
  • Polygon: 137
  • Fantom: 250
  • Avalanche: 43114
  • xDai: 100
  • Moonriver: 1285
  • Boba: 288
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Writing your integration
Add support for your DEX / AMM
Common Parameters
Supported Networks